2022 Sustainable Gift Guide

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The gifting season is upon us! Whether looking to slow down, shop more sustainably, or simply treat yourself, there’s a more mindful gift for everyone on the nice list.

Refillable Candle - NOTES® Candle

Inspired by the millions of single-use candle vessels that end up in landfills, NOTES® created a more responsible candle alternative. With people and the planet in mind, they’ve crafted an all-natural wax blend with a room-filling, non-toxic fragrance. Why is it so special? Aside from smelling SO good, every NOTES® Starter Glass is infinitely refillable. For avid candle burners, NOTES® is the perfect solution to reduce single-use waste, save money, and have fun by “making” your own candle. Bonus: The packaging is super trend-forward & colorful.

Beeswax Wrap - Etsy

You, your neighbor, your mom, your mom’s mom – practically everyone at this point has heard of beeswax wraps. Food wraps are a simple, affordable way to help reduce the use of plastic in the kitchen. Food wraps are a versatile solution for sustainable food storage to help minimize single-use plastic consumption. These wraps are not only printed with your choice of pattern, but they are also hand-made with organic ingredients. The cherry on top? Etsy offsets 100% of the carbon emissions associated with the purchase. Now for the hard part – picking a pattern.

Bamboo Toothbrush - Bite

Sometimes, the people in your life just want something practical. And who can blame them, right? This bamboo toothbrush from Bite is a great option for gifters who are wanting a creative twist on an everyday essential. This toothbrush is made from Moso bamboo and arrives in a zero-plastic packaging kraft box for that no-frills feel. Did you know – approximately 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown out each year in the United States alone - about 3 brushes per person? Making a small change to a bamboo brush is an easy way for each of us to help reduce plastic pollution. Constructed with a natural bamboo handle, which will decompose in 6-months, bamboo toothbrushes lessen the environmental impact. And at less than $15 for a two-pack they make a great option for those on a budget.

 Gift Card – Package Free

The best gifts are the ones that are actually used. Instead of guessing what your friends or family might want and risking the present going to waste, give them the gift of choice with a gift card. Package Free is a retailer that sells products that help you to live a zero or low-waste lifestyle. They have everything from a compost container to birthday candles, even dog toys. Not only will the gift recipient have a wide range to choose from, but they can also feel good knowing that Package Free is making a difference in their footprint, and even giving back to environmentally-centric charities. And for you, digital cards mean no last-minute frantic shopping. Forget a person on the day of Christmas? No problem! Expect an e-gift card catered to your budget to arrive in their email inbox ASAP.

Oversized Fleece Sweatshirt – MATE the Label

Nothing screams out-of-office for the holidays more than a cozy sweat set. MATE the Label kills the game when it comes to loungewear that is both effortlessly chic, and intentionally conscious. They are a proud member of 1% For the Planet and are certified climate neutral. With 85% of textiles ending up in landfills, MATE’s partnership with Supercircle helps minimize clothing waste and support a circular economy. Once you’re done with your cozy purchases, mail in your old MATE textiles to be recycled and re-spun into new yarn, plus earn discounts and promotions on your future orders. We’re a big fan of their neutrals, and who doesn’t love an oversized fit?

 ‘Tis the season to shop more sustainably! And, with options this good, who wouldn’t want to? We’re big fans of more conscious consumption, so if you have any suggestions let us know by commenting below or messaging us at info@notescandle.com.

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