Passing Notes

The Environmental Impact of the Holidays
It’s finally December, which means it's officially time for festive chaos. Chances are, your to-do list is looking like a CVS receipt these days. With cookies to bake, family to see, projects to finish, and gifts to buy, a lot can go unnoticed this time of year. And while it’s all done in the name of fun and cheer, it can leave a pretty intense mark on the environment. In fact, the holidays leave one of the biggest carbon footprints of the entire year. 
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8 Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving
As we prepare to gobble up a feast of gratitude and gatherings, it's important to understand that Thanksgiving can also generate a significant amount of waste. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Americans typically throw away about 200...
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Sustainable LatinX Owned Brands
Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month has arrived and we’re so excited to get started celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of Hispanic Americans. This year, we're taking the celebration a step further by spotlighting Latinx-owned businesses that are not only incredible but are also deeply committed to sustainability – just like us!
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