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Way To Candle.™

NOTES® Candle Refill System is a more responsible way to enjoy home fragrance. Reuse your NOTES® Candle glass again and again so we can all leave a little less behind.

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Choose 2 Fragrances To Create Your Own Custom Starter Kit & Begin Your Sustainable Candle Journey.

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Sustainable Candle Refill Kit - NOTES Vanilla & PepperwoodSustainable Candle Refill Kit - NOTES Santal & Atlas CedarSustainable Candle Refill Kit - NOTES Oatmilk & Balsam BerrySustainable Candle Refill Kit - NOTES Linen & Crisp AirSustainable Candle Refill Kit - NOTES Plumeria & Pink Currant

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9 great fragrances to keep your NOTES® candle burning again and again.

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Refills Over Landfills.

The candle industry generates millions of single use containers each year, most of which end up in our landfills.

We believe that small changes can have a big impact. By choosing refillable systems over single use products, you are changing the way the world candles, and leaving a little less behind.

What People Are Saying


"What a fun new way to burn candles! My son loved helping me fill up the jar... and the scent - AMAZING!"

Shawnna J.

"Absolutely worth it & a great gift. 10/10 would recommend and rebuy!"

Allie V.

"I wish I had thought of this! As a person who has thrown away far too many candle jars, I love this concept."

Shelley W.

"Finally found my perfect fragrance. Guests come over and are just obsessed with how my home smells!"

Jessie L.

"I think this system is genius! I have been searching for a less wasteful way of burning candles. Kudos!"

Nahid M.

Fragrance Selection Made Simple.

Sustainability doesn't mean you have to sacrifice finding a fragrance you love. Answer a few questions & we'll recommend the NOTES® fragrance best suited for you.

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