The Ultimate Candle Lover's Gift Guide

White candle vessel - NOTES - sitting on wood grain table

Who doesn’t love a candle to cozy up their space? Here at NOTES®, candles are kind of our thing. Candle accessories are a great way to not only knock your candle care out of the park, but can also serve as a fun, unique gift to yourself or a friend.  Whether you always have a candle burning, have an eye for aesthetic accessories, or simply looking to step up your gifting game, this ultimate candle lover’s gift guide is sure to spark some inspo.

Rechargeable lighter: 

The USB’s rechargeable lighters are the move for a few reasons. The first, traditional lighters end up in landfills. We’re not huge fans of waste, especially when it lingers in our oceans and landfills for virtually forever. Rechargeable lighters are meant to be used and reused by charging once they lose their power. The second, USB Lighter Company has the cutest designs to choose from. Whether you’re into neutrals, fun florals, or cool camo, there is a print and color for everyone. Lastly, since it run off a lithium-ion battery, you don’t have the toxic pollutants produced by a traditional butane lighter.

Wick trimmer:

Let’s be honest, for a great candle burn, a wick trimmer is more of a necessity than a splurge. Keeping the candle wick trimmed helps control your flame height. A large flame can cause the candle to burn too hot which isn't safe for you, your space, or your candle. It can also cause and create black soot, not cute. It’s a good idea to trim between each burn, keeping your wick around ¼ inch, or at least removing the black bulbous fixture after burning. This wick trimmer is the perfect chic gold to remain unisex and versatile for nearly any interior.


This snuffer is the stuff of candle lover’s dreams. Aside from being a gorgeous addition to your fragranced sanctuary, snuffers actually provide a lot of benefits to a candle experience. Using a snuffer instead of blowing out the candle reduces the risk of blowing hot wax on the walls of the candle jar or the surface it’s on. It also reduces the smoke produced and the odor of the smoldering wick. Finally, unlike wick dippers, snuffers prevent debris from falling into the wax pool. So many benefits, and so many cute, unique designs to choose from. 

Match Cloche:

You heard it here first, matches are making a comeback in a big way. Judging how gorgeous this setup is, how could they not? Matches are a surprisingly sustainable option to light your candle. The majority of the material (wood) that a match is made from is sourced from renewable, carbon-absorbing resources. Better yet, despite the flammable mix of chemicals used at the top, matches are compostable. This cloche elevates the look making a household essential look like an intentional piece of décor.  

Craft the perfect candle bundle with our unique, refillable candle and all the fancy candle gadgets. Whether treating yourself to a shopping moment or celebrating a birthday or holiday, a candle and accessories are the perfect fragranced find for any space.

Candle Lover's Gift Guide: Candle on Table

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