Why Gift NOTES®

Why Gift NOTES®

If you’re guilty of hoarding a few candles in the gift closet “just in case,” we totally relate. Candles are affordable, fun, and fragranced, but we hate the waste single-use containers leave behind. Enter NOTES® – a refillable candle system that aspires to divert candle glass from landfills. All bias aside, NOTES® is the perfect option for gifting this season, and here’s why.

  1. Refills > Landfills.
    1. Americans toss out 25% more trash during the holidays than at any other time of year. From food waste to wrapping paper, the reality of holiday garbage can be less than merry and bright. NOTES® is the perfect option for those opting to minimize their holiday waste and reduce year-round consumption. Traditional single-use glass vessels end up in our landfills, where they take a million years to decompose. NOTES® is on a mission to change the way the world candles with its unique, refillable system.
  2. Scent-sational Scents
    1. Let’s be honest, no one regifts a present that smell this good. For the person that has everything, the candle fanatic, the trendsetter, the thrifty Mr. and Mrs., the down-to-earth do-gooders – with six scents to choose from and such a unique concept, NOTES® is sure to hit the mark.
    2. Each of our six fragrances spans across a fragrance category. Meaning, whether you like fruity, floral, woodsy, or clean, there is something for every nose on the nice list.
  3. Ready to gift.
    1. All NOTES® Sustainable Starter Kits come with two fragrances and our infinitely refillable candle. The kits are neatly packaged in a white, fully recyclable branded box. It not only protects the products but is special enough to suffice going straight under the tree. No wrapping paper needed!
  4. Balling on a budget.
    1. Coming in at under $55 for two candles, we’ve put a lot of work into making our candle as accessible as possible. The candle is a value for four main reasons:
      1. The candle vessel is infinitely refillable and the last candle glass you’ll ever have to buy.
      2. We use only the highest quality of all-natural wax, non-toxic fragrance, and sustainable packaging.
      3. Due to our unique beads, we can infuse the wax with a higher fragrance load than competitors.
      4. After your initial purchase, only $18 for a luxury candle!
  5. Totally Trendy
    1. Candles have remained relatively constant since the beginning of time. Have you ever heard of a refillable candle? Didn’t think so. Not only does NOTES® provide room-filling fragrance, it’s also just flat-out cool. It’s gone viral on TikTok, is super unique, and the packaging? Perfection. NOTES® makes a great gift for anyone and everyone looking to try something new.
Everyone deserves to have a well-fragranced space they can feel good about (and that includes you). Skip the shopping craze and check off everyone on your list at NOTES®. Prefer to shop in person? You can find a retailer near you here.


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