NOTES® Do's & Don'ts For the Best Burn Ever

NOTES® Do's & Don'ts For the Best Burn Ever

If you’ve ever smelled our room-filling, sustainable scents, you know what it’s like to experience love at first fragrance. We're not just any candle, we're The new way candle™. Our candle refill system is pretty unique, and so is the way our candles burn. Here are a few Do's and Dont's for the best (and least traditional) candle experience ever.


  • Pour ALL wax beads from your Refill Kit.
    • We believe sustainability shouldn’t be a sacrifice. That means giving you more of what you want (hello, highly fragranced wax beads). Occasionally, we get a little too excited and give you more than your glass can handle. Make sure you’re making the most of your purchase by mounding the excess beads. On the off chance the mounding doesn’t use the remaining wax, don’t force things.
  • Pack in the beads as you pour.
    • Packing in the beads, whether you use your fingers or tap the vessel gently down on a hard surface, is a great way to ensure your candle packs a punch. Bonus: you can fit even more of our fan-favorite fragranced wax beads.
  • Let it Burn.
    • Your initial burn should be about four hours. Traditionally, that’s enough time to allow a candle to evenly pool side to side. However, NOTES® is anything but traditional. You can expect your candle to tunnel for the first 1/3 to ½ of the candle. This doesn’t affect the fragrance or lifespan of the candle, and it will naturally correct and level as the candle continues burning. You heard that right: naturally correct (say sayonara to tin foil hacks and leftover wax!). The beads will waterfall in and slowly level as the candle melts down.


  • Add more beads.
    • We know it’s tempting – promise. But adding additional beads to a candle that is burning can snuff out the flame or make the wick too short to burn. If you have remaining wax from a refill bag, try instead enjoying it on a wax warmer.
  • Push down the wax beads.
    • We all have the urge to end the cycle of tunneling with some “encouragement” from the beads on the edge of the glass. However hard, refrain from scraping the sides of the candle or pushing wax beads into the wax pool. This can extinguish the flame, break the wick, or worst-case scenario, make it next to impossible to enjoy the rest of your candle.
  • Use a vessel that’s not our Starter Glass.
    • From the wick to the silicone insert, all our parts are perfectly formulated and safety tested for our specific vessel. NEVER use our Refill Kits in your own glass. Traditional candle vessels are designed for a singular burn cycle. Meaning, even if it held up for the first candle burn, adding our beads to the jar compromises the glass and increases the risk of the jar breaking and causing damage or injury.

From the prep to the burn, our candle was made for you and for the planet, too. Let us know if you need any extra help with The new way to candle™ by contacting us on social media, or at



  • NOTES® Candle

    Hi Carroll! Per the instructions on the back of the packaging, we do say to pour ALL wax beads from Refill Kit into NOTES® glass. We will work on ways to clarify this in future marketing messages.

  • NOTES® Candle

    Hi Patti! Our candles have a 36 hour burn time.

  • Carroll Lowe

    It would be helpful if u included the complete instructions in the packaging. I ruined a whole package because it wasn’t clear to use whole pkg

  • Patti

    How many hours, on average, will a Note candle burn?

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