Sustainable Gifts for Valentine's Day

Sustainable Gifts for Valentine's Day

A holiday dedicated to expressions of romanticism, friendship, and gratitude – Valentine’s is nearly upon us. Whether your partner, your parents, or just yourself, ‘tis the time to show you care. Celebrate the season of love sustainably with this eco-friendly gift guide, because you shouldn’t have to compromise your love of planet for your love of people (or presents).

Before we start with what we’re eyeing, let’s talk about our ditch list. Did you know, Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-giving holiday with billions of cards given on the holiday? We’re all for a pen-to-paper pour of emotions, but the reality is the majority of these cards are glitter or plastic coated making them ineligible for recycling. So, pro tip, pair any of these gifts with a homemade card made of material you can be confident is safe to be recycled or composted. In addition, try to limit single-use sentiments of love like balloons or plastic boxes of chocolate hearts. But reminder, love isn’t perfect and neither is sustainability. Do your best, but don’t stress.


Jewelry is a gem in the gifting world (pun intended). Our current crush is this small, female-owned brand Laura Elizabeth. All their jewelry is made in the United States from locally sourced manufacturers. All jewelry is hand-made using recycled metals and packaged in recyclable packaging. Aside from being sustainable and ethical, Laura Elizabeth’s line is simply stunning. Primarily working with gold, their jewelry is timeless and minimal to match almost any aesthetic.

Two women holding hand with gold bracelets


What’s more romantic than a candle-lit dinner? Fragrant, flirty, and the perfect unisex pick, candles are a go-to gift for so many. But, did you know, conventional single-use candles produce a ton of glass waste in our landfills? NOTES® is on a mission to change the way the world candles with the first-of-its-kind refillable candle system. The system is sustainable and the scents are swoon-worthy. We recommend their fragrance Plumeria & Pink Currant. Floral, flirty, and so fragrant!

NOTES Refillable Candles Valentines Day trioChocolate:

As Forrest Gump so eloquently put it, “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.” We prefer our chocolate flavors to surprise us, not their unfair or unethical origins. Fine & Raw is one of our favorite fair-trade suppliers of fine chocolates. They are radically transparent about their cacao supply chain and have direct relationships with every cacao farmer. On top of this transparency is their clean ingredients with 100% organic and plant-based ingredients. Their Valentine’s Truffle box is under $30 making it a great affordable option for those with a sweet tooth.

 Fine & Raw Valentines day ethical chocolates


Fresh air and food are a dynamic duo no one can resist. The park, the beach, your very own backyard, making an outing of food and fellowship is the perfect gift. We are head over heels for this Winslow Woven Set. The basket is handcrafted out of full-reed willow and designed to last. This set has everything you need to ensure you are creating lasting memories, not waste. From ceramic plates to stainless steel insulation – even a fully fleece blanket, this pick does the picnic for you. On a tighter budget? Try thrifting your own picnic experience! The essentials: a woven basket, serve ware, a quilted blanket. You may even find you have the ingredients to perfect this packed party without any shopping.

 Picnic Basket


The best gifts are those that can be treasured forever. Instead of gifting a physical item this year, consider gifting an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. A cooking class is a fun and interactive way to get closer to those you love (yourself included) and can mean adopting new recipes into your repertoire you might have not otherwise. If you’re someone capable of burning water, don’t let me lose you here. There are so many intangible experiences from cooking classes, wine and paint pairings, and even professional sports games. Another of our favs: photography.  Hiring a photographer is a great way to support a local small business, and an impromptu photoshoot is both fun and unforgettable.

 Group of people in aprons drinking wine and preparing dinner, cooking class

There’s a sustainable gift for every special someone – because love may be all you need, but a fun present never hurts. What are you most excited to gift?

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