How Do You Refill a Candle?

Refilling candle with scented wax beads on kitchen counter
If you're anything like us, you probably burn a lot of candles: during the work zoom call, the at home spa night, over a romantic dinner. You've probably also faced the inevitable sad end of your favorite candle. Once a candle has burned to the point of no return, what do you do?
For many, the rise of earth conscious consumption has inspired reuse. Repurposed candle content fills the feeds of several candle brands, social platforms, and consumer pages: sporting decorative planters, cotton ball holders, or a cocktail glass from a once candle container. At NOTES®, we celebrate any and all forms of conservation, however, we believe there is a better, more responsible way to enjoy home fragrance.
The sad reality is most of the millions of candles produced in a given year end up being discarded after they've been burned, or even before. Many municipalities no longer offer glass recycling due to the energy-intensive process and equipment required. Instead, these candle vessels most often end up in landfills. With a single candle vessel taking thousands of years to degrade in soil, the candle industry has a pretty big impact on the environment.
With this single use waste in mind, a few brands have sought to redefine candle consumption. For example, a number of local cottage candle companies encourage consumers to bring empty candle containers back to the store to be refilled with new wax. This option is a great way to support the local businesses in your area and promote sustainable practices. However, it can make sustainable fragrance feel inaccessible, or inconvenient, if these refill stores are not present in your region.
A few other candle companies have begun offering a pre-fragranced “slab” of wax that acts as a refill system. The bag is placed in a microwave or boiled on the stove to melt the wax before being poured into the vessel of your choice. This technique allows fragrance refills at your convenience, and is an engaging way to practice reuse. The downside: pouring molten wax can be messy and pretty dangerous. It also requires several hours, as you must wait for the wax to cool before using the candle.
At NOTES®, we were looking for the new way to candle: one with people and the planet in mind. With mindful fragrance and wax, we created a candle refill system that allows you to enjoy the same vessel again and again. We aim for accessibility and approachability, with easy to pour, no mess fragranced wax beads. Simply wick, fill, burn, repeat.
At NOTES®, we believe that small changes can have a big impact. By choosing refillable systems over single use products, you are changing the way the world candles, and leaving a little less behind.

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